Rudi + Andi | The Secret Garden

This is the story of Rudi and Ands, Who were destined to meet long before they held hands. Before their first kiss and a walk in the park, Before love would strike and ignite the spark. On a cold winter's eve in Grahamstown, The guys and the girls ventured into Town. Nothing builds dutch courage quite like, The Rat and Parrot R10 Draught night. Seated at the table, on opposite ends, “He / She is quite cute”, they whispered to friends. In a bold move, borderline looney, He climbed under the table to say; 'Hi, I'm Rudi”. They chatted all night and discovered with glee, That they had a binding shared history. A passion for music, both Durbanites, He dropped her at home, and kissed her goodnight. The relationship grew from that day on, Computer games, music and Crackling bombs. Taking Rowdy for walks in Botanical gardens, His love for death metal, without any pardons. They moved back home and tried hard to be adult, But adventure was calling and they had no doubt, That South Korea was the place to be, Working as teachers of “Engrish-ee”. The adventures they had were second to none; The culture, the food, the festival of mud. Him driving the motorbike, her holding on tight, Traversed the rice paddies, golden Buddhas in sight. They drank cocktails in Bali and swam with a dolphin, In Malaysia, drank tea out a bag with a straw in. Sailed to remote islands in the Philippines, Played volleyball and snorkeled the seas. Tradgedy struck, and through grief-stricken tear, He stood by her anguish through every year. He followed her home, and gave up the fun, Because family, to them, is number one. So back to the RSA they went, Ru rejoined his band, and so it was meant. “The Kickstands” took off and all admired. Rudi and Gaz brought back the fire. So Andi and Ru moved into a home, Thanks to his mom who gave them a loan. A dog, two cats - they took a dive, And so gave birth to their “Party of Five”. Ru built his studio under the house, Band pracs and close mates always around. Andi taught art and music, too. For both of them, a dream come true. In January they shared a toast, On a helicopter above the coast. And so they were engaged to be Husband and wife, Ru and Andi. So the date is set, the 5th of December At the Secret Garden. We'll always remember, A day of family, love and fun. A day that two souls will become one.